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Disney 2006.....memories

Sitting here drinking my coffee and about to hop on my bike for an easy spin. I can't believe it's been a year since I did this race. I remember swimming in the lake (which I LOVE lake swimming - no waves!) and thinking to myself "wow-56 miles..that is really long!" Then I was on the bike and the first big climb came and I had no idea about the benefits of switching gears. I was pushing so hard to get up the big climbs and even more, last year I had these BIG aerobars (sticking up) on my trek. I also was a bit scared of the bike so the brakes were being used the whole time on the downhill. Then on the run, I was feeling really good and couldn't believe that I did an event that took me 5 hours and 29 minutes. As you probably know, I always get in a zone when I run long-distance and for this run on sunday, I have so much to think about (all good stuff) for the 13.1 miles. I might need to run 26.2 to think about the entire year!! hehe. So much I've put into the bike and I'm so lucky to be injury free since I was hurting so bad for 2 months after the Miami Marathon. I really do love this sport. *Note-you might want to ask me how much I love the sport in a couple months....Kona training starts next week and I've got 21 weeks to get myself in TOP shape! Long hours, long miles and lots of mental and physical training. Oh-and lots and lots of money for a plane ticket to kona, traveling with my bike, staying in a condo for a week and much more. It's worth it!!!


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If nerves get the best of you.....get yourself a sexy bike!
Yep...I get to ride her for 56 miles on Sunday! Right after a 1.2 mile swim and before a 13.1 mile run.
Results may (not sure) be found on or you can check for more info regarding the race.

See everyone at the Wilderness lodge tomorrow! There are SO many people that I know participating so a BIG BIG BIIIIIIIIIGGGG Good luck to everyone!

Remember the hard training you did to get to this weekend and have a safe, fun and memorable race! *Also-good luck to those racing in the Florida State Crit Championships, Columbia Triathlon, Mad Beach Tri, Duathlon World Champs (Celia), Brazil Ironman and any other tris/cycling races!

Thanks to my family, Karel and many others for spending your Sunday as a spectator for the race!


Ironman 70.3 Florida....4 days!

Feeling a little heavy..but I guess that's normal with taper. However, I just received a new Giro helmet that I ordered and it is going to replace the pink Bell helmet that I have raced in my entire triathlon career (all of 2 years!). I also received a bunch of AWESOME clothes from my Zoot sponsor and now I'm getting excited to race. If you look race fast, right? At least that's my philosophy! New race wheels are put together!!! Zipp 404's will be on Seduza. Oh, she is looking Nice for the race. Karel is doing better with his arm and I'm super excited that he gets to watch me race for the first time this season! Not sure if he will be able to go to Kona with me, but I know I will have lots of great supporters on the computer for me :) I am cheering on all my friends this weekend and I can't wait to see SOOOO many people on the course! Training buddies, old friends, friends of friends...and probably lots of NEW friends. I've been keeping busy with my normal busy life and also putting in a couple hours at Iron Girl (which I LOVE!) helping out Judy with Outreach.

Good luck everyone with the rest of your taper. Just a couple more days and we'll be at Disney!!!


Getting back to Normal

Things are slowing down and after Karel's crash, I kinda feel like everything is going to be ok again. We've met with a lawyer, doctor and several other helpful people to keep us positive with Karel's injury. Karel and I are in no way money hungry and we live a very simple life so we just want the court case to be as fair as possible. Well, we do spend lots of money on our sports but we love it and we'd both rather spend $100+ on something carbon for our bikes rather than by nice clothes or an expensive electronic gadget. Let's hope fo rth ebest. Karel is in a sling for the next 6 weeks and all our friends have been very generous and kind to Karel. We had dinner last night with about 10 of the Gearlink members at the Old Chicago Pizza restaurant and it was great to see how many people care about Karel. Although Karel is still in pain and his vicodin is slowly running out, we all think he will be out of the sling by mid-june. Hopefully, he can hop on the trainer next week to atleast spin his legs.

Thursday morning I was extremely tired and I hadn't planned on doing anything on thursday besides taking care of Karel. It is amazing how you can change your perspective on life in just an instant. Training wasn't important and I completely forgot aobut the race on the 20th. However, by thursday afternoon I decided that a run was needed to relieve some stress and enjoy the outdoor air. Although the smokey weather has created several unpleasent mornings, I enjoyed the Clearwater air for about an hour and ran up the memorial causeway at 30 minutes of my run. Friday morning was a brick workout and saturday as well. I still feel like i am catching up on sleep, but at least I have one more week to prepare for the race.

Good luck to EVERYONE that is racing this coming weekend at Disney. I am really looking forward to the race and seeing so many familiar faces. I get to see my best guy friends from south florida, my friend Christie who I met at a New Year Eve Day run 2 years ago (and then we ran at Boston together), several people who I coach here in the Tampa Bay area and many other training partners and friends. Karel will be there cheering me on which is great since he rarely gets to see me race. My family will be there and my bro and dad who are in Spain at the moment, will have just enough time to unpack and then head over to Orlando.

Happy mother's day to all the mommies out there!!! This is your day and you probably deserve more. I know my mom deserves a "thank you" every day and a big "I love you" from her daugther at least once a day.