Essential Sports Nutrition


Morning Ride

I rode in the afternoon yesterday and after a week of not being on my bike, I was so happy to actually WANT to ride my bike. I rode Blue and with my new women's handlebars (which Karel put on) I feel really comfortable on my bike. With my old bars, it was kinda like having aerobars which are way too far apart and you just feel awkard when you ride. I just rode for about 28 miles and listened to my radio but it was a great way to finish off a Friday. I am almost all bundled up for the 50-degree temps out here in clearwater (i know, very sad how pathetic we are in the cold) and the tires are pumped up for a morning ride. I am planning to get a couple hours in of riding before I start studying for the day. Karel safely arrived in Jacksonville with 3 other guys from his team and this morning the team is training together before they head to Gainsville for the "training" race. I hope Karel really enjoys this first "training" race with a team. Only in Europe when he was racing for a Junior Elite team, he hasn't had the opportunity to ride with other teammates and have others working for you while you work for others. Karel's season officially starts in Feb/March and after that it is race after race almost every weekend until Oct (w/ a couple weekends off in the hot summer months).
I started putting together a training plan because I will be training for an event this year....I signed up for Ironman Florida 70.3 for the 3rd year in a row. I absolutely love that race and I knew if I was healthy and didn't sign up I would be sad. Now that I am 99% healed (self-diagnosed) I needed something to train for and keep me sane. After 4 months of just exercising and hoping to walk without pain (oh, and one Ironman in Kona :) hehe) I can finally get up in the morning and look forward to my workout instead of wondering if I will even be able to work out. Thank you all my blog readers for keeping me going through the last 4 months!!! I am very thankful that I have triathlon and sports nutrition enthusiasts who check out my blog to hopefully get motivated or become more educated.
I'm off to ride.....


Working out or training?

This morning Karel did a warm-up ride so I was without my plyometric partner at the Y. I was ready to get on my bike for a nice ride but the 48-degree weather and wind wasn't encouraging so I decided to go to the Y. As for working out I guess I am starting to train again. I don't have a training plan created yet but I feel like I'm starting to get more disciplined with the training (Rather than exercising). The running is going great! I'm not running fast but I am running. I did an easy 6 miles yesterday at an average pace of 7.1 mph. I was talking to another girl next to me about wedding's and triathlon's so I did a couple extra miles more than planned. This morning I did 5.8 miles with a 10 minute walk warm-up and 5 min warm-down. Again, the run was very comfortable and I even stepped up the speed to 7.2-7.8 mph (I did several intervals). Swimming is going well and I can tell I've been pushed a little harder by swimming with a few guys at the Clearwater Y on tues when I occasionally swim there. I just can't believe the changes in my running. I'd say once or twice a day I can feel something in my groin but it is nothing like before. I am just concious of it so I notice everything. Out of all the months and weeks of slowly building back into running, I could say that strengthening my adductors (where your leg goes towards your body), doing plyometrics, weight lifting (especially glute exercises) and walking before I run has helped the most. I will keep working on my speed as I slowly increase endurance and I hope I am not out of at least racing the local races this season. I think I'll get Seduza ready for a ride this weekend. I am missing her :( (yes, I talk about my bikes like people)
I was really glad to train this morning. Again I put on my favorite running shorts and I was ready to run and lift. After seeing Karel go out at 6am in the cold, I had great motivation to get my out of the door in the morning. Karel is heading to Jacksonville today to meet up with his team and on sat they all head to Gainsville for a "training" race. This is the first race that the team will ride together. As for me, I'll be home with the cat, studying away and starting to work on my training routine for the next couple of months. Since I have been really bad about writing on my blog this week (Being busy is no excuse for my blog readers) I hope to get lots of posts going this weekend :)
Enjoy the weekend!!


New Art

I wanted to show off our new art on our wall. Karel had been wanting to do something with our bikes for a while now and this took all of 10 minutes to put up the bike rack. It kinda makes you want to come in the room now. And even better, I have my bikes up as my winter bikes and summer bikes (Summer up on top). Karel is riding his cervelo right now and I think the pinarello will stay on the wall..since that is will always be his beauty. His colnago is the only bike that is missing in this room. If we get more bikes, the couch is going to go :)


Feeling Flat

I thought this cartoon was pretty appropriate since I am full of excuses right now :)
Karel and I were up at 6am on saturday morning. Waking up to wet roads and misty air outside. As we both got ready to get on our bikes I was thinking about all the things I needed to do this weekend. Hoping to relieve some stress, I was looking forward to ride this morning. Karel is finishing up his recovery week so he was planning on riding with the guys whereas I wanted to do my own thing. Now that I am finally healing w/ my leg I am trying to get in some kind of base training without going ridiculously fast right now. The wind was strong this morning but the air felt nice and cool. I wouldn't call it rain but there was a mist in the air which felt like a light rain. As I was riding I started to blame my slow speed on the wind but when I looked at my rear wheel I noticed I had a flat. My first flat on Blue so it was bound to happen. I called Karel just to let him know what happened and that I was fine changing my tire. But unfortunately I forgot to put my CO2 adapter in my Blue case (from the case on Seduza) so I had to call Karel again to have him bring me the adapter. I was impressed on how quickly I changed the tire and how easy it was (compared to my 650 wheels on seduza) and i just sat and waited for Karel to make his 6 mile trip on his bike to come and get me. Just before karel came, someone stopped and offered his adapter. I didn't get a chance to talk to this person but he told me he was just getting into triathlons (long distance). I wanted to share my excitement with him but I was distracted by the itching feeling on my left ankle. Apparently, as I was sitting and waiting for Karel I was being attacked by ants which were enjoying biting my ankle. So, as I am trying to inflate my tire with my CO2, trying to have a convo w/ a future triathlon friend and trying to get the ants off my shoe, Karel rides up to the scene and asks why my shoes and socks are off. I quickly introduce Karel to Don (the person who stopped), handed off my wheel to Karel to put on my bike while I proudly told Karel I changed my tire...all while doing an itchy-dance to try to get all the ants off my shoes, socks and feet. After the wheel was back on and ants cleared off my foot, Don left and Karel and I headed to meet the group at CVS, hoping that they didn't leave yet (it is now 8:10am). Well, the group decided to take a different route to start the ride so Karel took off solo to try to catch them. I ignored the flat tire/being bitten by ants situation and laughed it off but I just wasn't feeling my bike...once again! Errrr. I rode home and decided that 8:40am was way too early to start a saturday so I drove to the Y and had a solid 7.5 mile run (10 min walk warm-up and warm-down) on the treadmill. For some reason, I feel completely at ease on a treadmill. Even though there are people everywhere, I put on my headphones to my Sony Radio Shack Radio and just get into my zone. Although I didn't get a bike workout in, I got in a good run to release some endorphins before spending my entire saturday studying.
Karel is in San Antonio today braving the cold and wind, while riding the hills with group out there. As for me, I dressed for a bike ride but after walking outside to feel the air, I ended up running (after changing into layers of running gear) instead. 8 mile run (WAHOO!!) followed by a 10 mile spin (BURRRR). At least the running is coming back. Now if only I could get that cycling back into gear and stop feeling so flat all the time. Oh well. Just super happy I am running again!
Have a great day everyone!!!