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Every year I take a little time to reflect. I always look back on the past year and remember all the good times, experiences and important moments in my life.
I had a few great moments in 2008. Most importantly, I got married to my best friend and my partner for life. Of course Karel and I love riding our bikes, watching anything tri or cycling related on TV and traveling to races together but our similar lifestyles are just one of the many similarities that we share. I think 2008 was great in so many ways because Karel and I were able to travel, move to a new place and start a new life together.
2008 was also great because Campy came into our lives. It was an odd story of how we got him but now I don't know how we went so long without him in our life. We are just so lucky to have such a loving dog who wakes up every morning wanted to live life to the fullest.
2008 was great because I raced injury-free and I had a lot of fun. I didn't take any race too seriously and the hard work I put into training made for an exciting race year. No big races but enough important races (and a few PR's) to remember.
2008 was great because I went back to school. I put it off for a year (2007) but 2008 was the time when I decided to would pursue my RD.
Speaking of school, this brings me to 2009.
I am SO excited for 2009! I think this is going to be the best year ever.
For so many reasons, I think I will remember 2009.
Most importantly, I will be finished with school by Dec. 2009. That's right, no more school FOR EVER for me when 2010 comes. If all goes well, I will have my certificate for my RD internship and after applying for internships in the fall I should start my internship in January. If I don't get into my two internships of choice (Mayo clinic is number 1) in Jan I will probably wait and re-apply in the spring. But either way, I will have no more classes to take (or pay for) come 2010!
2009 is also bringing another IM for me. IMKY in august and I can't wait! It will be hard training to get me to my peak but I am prepared to make the effort to prepare my body and train 100%.
I am also working with a coach this year. Shawn Burke of Velocity multisport (VMS coaching) will help me reach my goals this year. Shawn is not only Karel's coach but he is an amazing athlete. I think I bragged about him already for racing in Kona and then racing IMFL a few weeks later and re-qualifying for Kona for 09.
Because I dream big, I have several goals (which I have had for many years) which will not come in 2009. Just to name a few, I want to write a book, I want to be on the Ellen show (that is my ultimate dream), I want to be on the Today show and I want to have a show on the food network. Yes, big dreams but I am not afraid of rejection. I've always been a go-getter and I like to work hard. My way of working hard has been pursuining a few degrees and certifications in order to have the right credentials to be taken seriously. Sure a bachelor degree is great but I thought a master degree would be better. Well, know I have learned that an RD and MS (registered dietitian and master of science degree) would set me apart from others in the sports nutrition world. So, with all this hard work in 2009 I can't wait to help others in the realm of sports nutrition and weight loss.
I haven't thought much about a resolution but I want to continue to enjoy each day to the fullest. Campy helps me with that because I can't seem to have a bad day when I come home and see him smiling at me in my car from our 3rd floor bedroom window. Also, Karel is so happy at his work and being the general manager of the Trek store has been the best job for him. I think we have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to appreciate in 2009.
Have a great year!
From Marni, Karel, Campy.....

And Smudla


Resolution: Clean and healthy

I've been a mission to have a clean and healthy life for the past 5 years. Although I was in top shape in college, the 18-20 hours a week swimming (not counting meets) did not justify a diet full of carbs and cheese. As a vegetarian athlete and no education in nutrition, I lead a diet of pizza, pasta, cheese and bananas (I wasn't a big fan of veggies) in order to fuel 7000-8000 yard workouts on a daily basis.
However, in 2003 I started building a collection of nutrition books and for the next year I learned how to eat healthy. It wasn't until the next 4 years that I jumped into the world of sports nutrition and started learning how to be a healthy athlete (let alone a vegetarian athlete). I haven't once looked back at my days of Dr.pepper, french fries, cheese-smothered foods and lots of candy. Although my body may have looked fit on the outside from the age of 12 until 20, my insides were yucky and unhealthy.
In a quest for weight loss in 2009, many people strive for a better looking body. It's all about how you look on the you think.
However, the aesthetics for a tone, lean body appear to outweigh the benefits of longevity and a decrease risk for disease. In all seriousness, who really thinks about better eye health when eating carrots or a chance to not get the flu when eating a fruit medley? As much as we would like eat for health, the majority of weigh loss enthusiasts eat for calories.
You rarely hear people complain about their weight and associate it with healthy food. In almost every diet of a weight loss candidate, there are foods which are being consumed that are not healthy for the body. It isn't like a person would say "I really need to cut back on celery and carrots in the afternoon and that orange I eat in the evening". It is usually the mid-day snack or evening treat that instantly triggers a thought "if I could only stop eating that, I could lose weight".
For many people, calories are controlled and exercise is regular but there are treats and excuses here and there. Unfortunately, here and there treats do add up and it isn't that a certain food or snack should be avoided, it is that certain foods trigger bigger cravings and uncontrollable snacking.
As you set a resolution to lose weight, recognize that there are foods that you need to avoid eating for a while in order to control the blood sugar and to clean up the diet. That isn't to say that you can never have a piece of cake, a cookie, bowl of ice cream or a muffin again, but when you give yourself that ok to enjoy a little of something at the beginning of a new lifestyle of healthy eating (aka diet for most people) that little bit could potential affect how you eat tomorrow or the next day.
Rather than looking at numbers, specifically the scale, start to enjoy healthy eating. Avoid buying fat free, sugar free everything and start eating more natural and whole foods. A clean and healthy diet will involve food that needs a little attention. Be prepared that with a healthy and clean diet there also involves a little preparation, chopping and cooking.
Rather than looking at all the foods which you should avoid, take time to recognize the foods which you should be eating more often. Don't be afraid to eat more fruits and vegetables. It isn't like you can't have bread but add more variety and color to each meal. Don't forget low fat sources of protein and even if you aren't a vegetarian, don't be afraid to look for meat-free types of protein. A person can only eat so much before he/she gets full so if boxed, frozen, canned or fast food is minimized, there is more room for fresh food.
It is hard to think about your body in 30,40 or even 60 years but if you take control of your eating and fill your body with less processed food, you will instantly notice a more clean and healthy body.
Hopefully the new year will bring you lots of happiness and less stress and most of all, remember that you only have one body and it would be selfish of you to not give it the right fuel it deserves.
Happy eating!